My trip to Berlin

Wednesday, midweek and I want to talk to you a little about my visit to Berlin, a city with a lot of history, which is definitely worth knowing. This time I went for 4 days and tried to make the most I could.  I decided to take several tours;  I took all of them with … Continue reading My trip to Berlin

Around Netherlands

Happy Wednesday! Going back with the trips, that I love ... On this occasion, I want to share another of my trips through Amsterdam, where we decided to do some excursions with TOURS & TICKETS. The bus is taken in the center of Amsterdam. It was a long day tour of 11 hours, but it … Continue reading Around Netherlands

Beach trip

How is December going? Christmas is coming up and, in Panama, the dry season is also approaching, similar to the summer that begins on December 21 in the southern hemisphere. For that reason, we decided to go, as a family, for a few days to the beach and leave a bit of the chaos of … Continue reading Beach trip

Walking around Madrid

Happy Friday! How is your week going? Summer has already gone; but I took advantage of it, that's for sure. In Madrid it is quite hot, during the day; but in the moments that I was in the city, I loved to walk and enjoy some pleasures of life. Those that make it difficult to … Continue reading Walking around Madrid

A Viking experience

It's 1:30 in the afternoon and I'm heading to the airport, bound for Oslo. My dream trip, a country I really wanted to visit. Whenever I looked for information about this destination, I loved everything I saw and read about it.  In particular, its impressive landscapes and to know more about its culture and history, … Continue reading A Viking experience

 A tour around Galicia

On this occasion, I show you a bit of Vigo. I was on vacation for a few days and I also decided to share some of my favorite summer looks. I wear this dress with vichy red squares, from Zara, and some sneakers . It is a super comfortable and perfect look for a ride, … Continue reading  A tour around Galicia