Forever kid

Two hair buns? Yes, why not? This day, in Erfurt, was amazing. I traveled through this beautiful city, in Germany, with Ivana. But who is Ivana? She is the mysterious friend, the unnamable, as she was cataloged, when seen  the previous post.  Hahaha. My Ecuadorian friend, who studies in Germany and who very kindly showed … Continue reading Forever kid

Magical adventure in Montenegro

Hello Montenegro! What a joy to get to this destination that, honestly, I had not planned to visit; but for things of life, I came. This beautiful little country was part of the former Yugoslavia, until its independence in 2006. Believe me, for those who have not heard of it, it is really worth visiting. … Continue reading Magical adventure in Montenegro

Walking around Madrid

Happy Friday! How is your week going? Summer has already gone; but I took advantage of it, that's for sure. In Madrid it is quite hot, during the day; but in the moments that I was in the city, I loved to walk and enjoy some pleasures of life. Those that make it difficult to … Continue reading Walking around Madrid

A Viking experience

It's 1:30 in the afternoon and I'm heading to the airport, bound for Oslo. My dream trip, a country I really wanted to visit. Whenever I looked for information about this destination, I loved everything I saw and read about it.  In particular, its impressive landscapes and to know more about its culture and history, … Continue reading A Viking experience

A charming city called Cadiz

Cadiz To the south of Spain, you will find this wonderful city, one of the oldest in Europe, offering some very good beaches to spend a few days and what a better time, than in summer. Cádiz is 1 hour from Seville. Here, the proposal is varied: there are many towers, being the Tower of … Continue reading A charming city called Cadiz

Irish style

Ireland, this country well known for the famous "St. Patrick Day", the three leaf clovers and the Irish harp or "clarsach", is certainly a beautiful destination to visit. Especially, if you enjoy nature. On this occasion, it was my first trip alone. It made me nervous, but at the same time I wanted to experiment … Continue reading Irish style

Welcome to Porto

Porto or, in Spanish, Oporto; this was my destiny, this time. To get there, we take a flight from Madrid, very economical. We travel with Ryanair, which has excellent rates. This city is quite artistic and with a unique charm. Oporto is well known for its wines, which, without a doubt, is something that you … Continue reading Welcome to Porto

Caribbean food and fun

Yes, precisely in Cartagena de Indias, we can find the Castle of San Felipe de Barajas, this famous fortification built in 1657, on the hill San Lázaro, during the Spanish colonial period. In 1984, UNESCO included it in the list of Patrimony of the Humanity. As a historical and cultural heritage of Colombia, it is also … Continue reading Caribbean food and fun