My favorite belt bags

The boom of the fanny packs or, as I knew them, in Panama, "cangureras". In English, also called belt bags, money belt or bum bag. These handbags, super practical and comfortable, have come to stay and that is why they make our lives easier. They are flashy, comfortable and give a twist to the outfit. … Continue reading My favorite belt bags

Alexandra Lapp

The best carry on luggage

What is the appropriate size of the cabin suitcase? It is a very good and important question, when looking for a bag or cabin suitcase. And is that, whenever we buy the ticket we get directions, with the size and weight allowed . Now, in some "low cost" airlines, they tend to bother more; but … Continue reading The best carry on luggage


August is over. Time flies and since it is Thursday of the famous “TBT”, I want to share these photos, which I made a year ago. WOW Se acabó agosto. El tiempo vuela y ya que es jueves del famoso “TBT”, quiero compartirles estas fotos que realicé hace un año. WOW

It’s summer time

The summer is here. And at this time, we can take advantage of all the color and pieces with lighter fabrics, to wear both on beaches or in the city. Personally, I am in love with dresses and sets, as they seem super comfortable and beautiful, visually. Then, I'm going to leave simple looks, which … Continue reading It’s summer time

Pizza party

You know that moment when you crave something, you don’t think about it and you order. By the way, do you like pineapple on pizza? Sabes ese momento en el que se antoja algo, no lo piensas y ordenas. Por cierto les gusta la piña en la pizza?