Happy weekend! And winter continues in several countries. In Panama we do not have that cold ever and right now we are in summer; but, sometimes, we go to cooler areas such as Cerro Punta and Boquete, in Tierras Altas de Chiriquí or in Valle de Antón, it is the ideal time to wear a … Continue reading Yellow

Diversity of colors

Today I went to a very striking place, from outside, and full of information about our biodiversity, inside. It is the "Biomuseo of Panama". It was designed by the renowned architect Frank Gehry and opened to the public in 2014, with 5 of its 8 galleries. It is located in the Causeway, on the Calzada … Continue reading Diversity of colors

Starting a new year

Happy New Year and happy Monday! It is the second Monday of 2018 and I hope that all your purposes of this new year are fulfilled and have great success, health and love. I will continue here, showing outfits, travel stories, tips, etc ... To bring something small, but with much love and work. Today,  … Continue reading Starting a new year

Beach trip

How is December going? Christmas is coming up and, in Panama, the dry season is also approaching, similar to the summer that begins on December 21 in the southern hemisphere. For that reason, we decided to go, as a family, for a few days to the beach and leave a bit of the chaos of … Continue reading Beach trip

Who wants a pinapple?

How are you? It's already the weekend, finally. Time to enjoy, whether resting, walking, party or whatever you like. I, for example, took a day off and went to the Antón Valley, located in the Province of Coclé, Panamá, with some friends. This place is perfect to disconnect from the city, breathe fresh air and … Continue reading Who wants a pinapple?

Looking for paradise

Iguana Island: Yes, I swear that this time I visited the island, there were a lot of iguanas around. But the issue is not iguanas, which we must keep in this beautiful country, as they are in danger of extinction. On this occasion, I want to tell you about this island of the Pacific Ocean, … Continue reading Looking for paradise

Ideal complement

Before, I was not a fan of caps; but, today, they seem to me a perfect complement to a casual look. In Panama, they are ideal, since now, in summer, there is a strong sun and caps help us protect a little of it. Antes, no era muy fanática de las gorras; pero,  hoy en … Continue reading Ideal complement

Casco Antiguo, Panama

Place with a special charm, ancient architecture and restored houses, which preserve characteristics that makes this area unique in Panama City. The Old Town, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is located in the village of San Felipe. In 1673 the city was founded there, after the ancient city, was burned by pirates. In … Continue reading Casco Antiguo, Panama