All you need is love

The concept of love! What's yours? Love can be expressed in many ways. Most people show it effusively; others, with special acts and gifts. Some, express it in a very subtle way, that sometimes we can think that they do not really have that feeling. But love is something that goes beyond saying it; is … Continue reading All you need is love

Around Netherlands

Happy Wednesday! Going back with the trips, that I love ... On this occasion, I want to share another of my trips through Amsterdam, where we decided to do some excursions with TOURS & TICKETS. The bus is taken in the center of Amsterdam. It was a long day tour of 11 hours, but it … Continue reading Around Netherlands

Beach trip

How is December going? Christmas is coming up and, in Panama, the dry season is also approaching, similar to the summer that begins on December 21 in the southern hemisphere. For that reason, we decided to go, as a family, for a few days to the beach and leave a bit of the chaos of … Continue reading Beach trip

A Viking experience

It's 1:30 in the afternoon and I'm heading to the airport, bound for Oslo. My dream trip, a country I really wanted to visit. Whenever I looked for information about this destination, I loved everything I saw and read about it.  In particular, its impressive landscapes and to know more about its culture and history, … Continue reading A Viking experience

A charming city called Cadiz

Cadiz To the south of Spain, you will find this wonderful city, one of the oldest in Europe, offering some very good beaches to spend a few days and what a better time, than in summer. Cádiz is 1 hour from Seville. Here, the proposal is varied: there are many towers, being the Tower of … Continue reading A charming city called Cadiz

Irish style

Ireland, this country well known for the famous "St. Patrick Day", the three leaf clovers and the Irish harp or "clarsach", is certainly a beautiful destination to visit. Especially, if you enjoy nature. On this occasion, it was my first trip alone. It made me nervous, but at the same time I wanted to experiment … Continue reading Irish style

Summer vibes

The "summer" or dry season, in Panama, continues in its maximum splendor. These days favor outdoor activities. For this occasion, we went to lunch at Costa del Este, in Panama City. Then, taking advantage of the beautiful day, I decided to show you the "outfit" I was wearing, very fresh and with bright colors. Perfect … Continue reading Summer vibes

Looking for paradise

Iguana Island: Yes, I swear that this time I visited the island, there were a lot of iguanas around. But the issue is not iguanas, which we must keep in this beautiful country, as they are in danger of extinction. On this occasion, I want to tell you about this island of the Pacific Ocean, … Continue reading Looking for paradise