Weekend plans

Happy weekend everyone! The World Cup has already started and with that, more meetings with friends, to enjoy this event, which unites us all. In Panama, at least, there is great excitement, since it is the first time that we go to a World Cup. So my best wishes for the "Sele" . And as … Continue reading Weekend plans

Back in Madrid

Back in one of the places I love most, Madrid. On this occasion, I came to take a walk around El Retiro, taking advantage of the sun and what still remains, after so much rain. For this sunny day and that feels super at ease, I opted for some beautiful culottes in a sky blue … Continue reading Back in Madrid

Walking around Madrid

Happy Friday! How is your week going? Summer has already gone; but I took advantage of it, that's for sure. In Madrid it is quite hot, during the day; but in the moments that I was in the city, I loved to walk and enjoy some pleasures of life. Those that make it difficult to … Continue reading Walking around Madrid

Take me a picture

On this occasion, I wanted to highlight this wonderful work, with this basic t-shirt, which has a design that I loved it soon as I saw it. Photography is definitely a beautiful profession and a way for everyone to be able to transmit moments and important things in our life. En esta ocasión, quise resaltar … Continue reading Take me a picture

Madrid, always in my heart

"¡Vamos de cañas!" This is one of the most typical expressions I heard in the city. that opened me its doors for more than a year and will always hold a special place in my heart. When someone moves from one country to another, frequently, several questions emerge: Is it the best decision?, Will I … Continue reading Madrid, always in my heart