Pizza or pasta?

I love the two options. In fact, I love all Italian food, in general. A couple of weeks ago I was in Milan, there was not a single day that I resisted these delights. It was my first time in Milan and I was very excited; more, being this one of the great capitals of … Continue reading Pizza or pasta?

My trip to Berlin

Wednesday, midweek and I want to talk to you a little about my visit to Berlin, a city with a lot of history, which is definitely worth knowing. This time I went for 4 days and tried to make the most I could.  I decided to take several tours;  I took all of them with … Continue reading My trip to Berlin

Magical adventure in Montenegro

Hello Montenegro! What a joy to get to this destination that, honestly, I had not planned to visit; but for things of life, I came. This beautiful little country was part of the former Yugoslavia, until its independence in 2006. Believe me, for those who have not heard of it, it is really worth visiting. … Continue reading Magical adventure in Montenegro

A Viking experience

It's 1:30 in the afternoon and I'm heading to the airport, bound for Oslo. My dream trip, a country I really wanted to visit. Whenever I looked for information about this destination, I loved everything I saw and read about it.  In particular, its impressive landscapes and to know more about its culture and history, … Continue reading A Viking experience

The colors of Seville …

Seville has multiple colors, especially in spring time, with its fragrant flowers and glowing sky. This beautiful Andalusian town has a unique charm. Its streets, its people, the weather, make Seville a perfect destination to visit for a few days. Located 5 hours by car, or two and a half hours by AVE (high-speed train), … Continue reading The colors of Seville …

A charming city called Cadiz

Cadiz To the south of Spain, you will find this wonderful city, one of the oldest in Europe, offering some very good beaches to spend a few days and what a better time, than in summer. Cádiz is 1 hour from Seville. Here, the proposal is varied: there are many towers, being the Tower of … Continue reading A charming city called Cadiz

Irish style

Ireland, this country well known for the famous "St. Patrick Day", the three leaf clovers and the Irish harp or "clarsach", is certainly a beautiful destination to visit. Especially, if you enjoy nature. On this occasion, it was my first trip alone. It made me nervous, but at the same time I wanted to experiment … Continue reading Irish style

Welcome to Porto

Porto or, in Spanish, Oporto; this was my destiny, this time. To get there, we take a flight from Madrid, very economical. We travel with Ryanair, which has excellent rates. This city is quite artistic and with a unique charm. Oporto is well known for its wines, which, without a doubt, is something that you … Continue reading Welcome to Porto