Top 5 best mascaras

Eyelashes! What girl does not love to wear long lashes and with volume? I would say that to the majority. For that reason, I want to share my 5 favorite eyelash masks and that, without a doubt, they leave me with pretty marked eyelashes. And I do not have them very long. Before, I would … Continue reading Top 5 best mascaras

Always in sneakers

Sneakers If we talk about buying sneakers, I consider myself an addict. I can buy them, every time I see a pair that I like, even if I have more than 20 pairs in the closet and my grandmother tells me that I only have two feet. Finally, I always end up using the same … Continue reading Always in sneakers

My lip care routine and my favorite lipsticks

Happy Thursdayto everyone! On this occasion, I want to share my lipsticks  and how I take care of my lips. It is very important to take care of the skin of the lips, both for men and women. A good diet is essential, which provides the necessary vitamins (rich in vegetables, fruits and cereals); as … Continue reading My lip care routine and my favorite lipsticks