Forever kid

Two hair buns? Yes, why not? This day, in Erfurt, was amazing. I traveled through this beautiful city, in Germany, with Ivana. But who is Ivana? She is the mysterious friend, the unnamable, as she was cataloged, when seen  the previous post.  Hahaha. My Ecuadorian friend, who studies in Germany and who very kindly showed … Continue reading Forever kid

Visiting a friend in Germany

How are you? Weekend and it's July, wow. Well, this week let's go to Germany, more specifically, to Weimar, charming city, that I visited with a friend who studies very close to there. We decided to walk and take advantage of the beautiful day, eat an ice cream and take lots of pictures. We were … Continue reading Visiting a friend in Germany

My first time in Poland

When you think of Poland, it surely comes to your minds, Warsaw or Krakow. Of course, these are the two most popular cities in this country. However, I opted to go to another city, very quiet, beautiful and known for its University; I’m talking about Wroclaw (Breslavia). To get to Wroclaw, you can take a … Continue reading My first time in Poland

Pizza or pasta?

I love the two options. In fact, I love all Italian food, in general. A couple of weeks ago I was in Milan, there was not a single day that I resisted these delights. It was my first time in Milan and I was very excited; more, being this one of the great capitals of … Continue reading Pizza or pasta?

Diversity of colors

Today I went to a very striking place, from outside, and full of information about our biodiversity, inside. It is the "Biomuseo of Panama". It was designed by the renowned architect Frank Gehry and opened to the public in 2014, with 5 of its 8 galleries. It is located in the Causeway, on the Calzada … Continue reading Diversity of colors

A Viking experience

It's 1:30 in the afternoon and I'm heading to the airport, bound for Oslo. My dream trip, a country I really wanted to visit. Whenever I looked for information about this destination, I loved everything I saw and read about it.  In particular, its impressive landscapes and to know more about its culture and history, … Continue reading A Viking experience

The colors of Seville …

Seville has multiple colors, especially in spring time, with its fragrant flowers and glowing sky. This beautiful Andalusian town has a unique charm. Its streets, its people, the weather, make Seville a perfect destination to visit for a few days. Located 5 hours by car, or two and a half hours by AVE (high-speed train), … Continue reading The colors of Seville …

Valencia has something special and not just for the paella

We had the opportunity to visit it together and it really was one of the most special trips we have done, because we also went with several of our friends, so we discovered every corner in the best company. Here we were struck by several interesting things, ranging from each of its streets, the festive … Continue reading Valencia has something special and not just for the paella