Travel size hair products

Many brands have chosen to create products in "travel size" and that is much more practical, since we do not have to go emptying from the big container to small bottles and then trying to guess what each one is. Haha (in my case, at least) . That's why these products are perfect, because we … Continue reading Travel size hair products

Top 5 best mascaras

Eyelashes! What girl does not love to wear long lashes and with volume? I would say that to the majority. For that reason, I want to share my 5 favorite eyelash masks and that, without a doubt, they leave me with pretty marked eyelashes. And I do not have them very long. Before, I would … Continue reading Top 5 best mascaras

Hair care tips and new look

Happy wednesday And since it is a new month of the year, I decided to make a change. Some time ago I came wanting to do a balayage, with a blond tone, but I had not achieved it and always ended with the caramel tone, which did not leave me. I opted for other changes, … Continue reading Hair care tips and new look

My lip care routine and my favorite lipsticks

Happy Thursdayto everyone! On this occasion, I want to share my lipsticks  and how I take care of my lips. It is very important to take care of the skin of the lips, both for men and women. A good diet is essential, which provides the necessary vitamins (rich in vegetables, fruits and cereals); as … Continue reading My lip care routine and my favorite lipsticks

My face care routine

How was your week? Today I want to share some of the steps and products that I use for face care. First of all, a daily cleaning routine is very important. I use Clinique's, 3 steps, both in the morning and at night. Other products, with which I am doing very well, are those of … Continue reading My face care routine

5 essentials for the care of my hair

When it comes to hair care, we must use products that do not mistreat our hair. That is why, whenever I wash my head, I use the products that have worked for me better. Remember that each person has different hair. These are the products that, personally, work better for me; but may not be … Continue reading 5 essentials for the care of my hair

10 Travel makeup essentials

When traveling, something that can not be missing in my suitcase, and that of several girls, is a "cosmetiquera" or vanity case, with makeup. For me, makeup is indispensable, whenever I travel to any destination. Whether we go out, day or night, to some walk, event or party; or that our trip is of work … Continue reading 10 Travel makeup essentials